Document Title D E I R - W C C U S D Charter Schools Construction & Modernization & City Of Richmond Mlk Community Center & Park Vol 2
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2008011013
County Name Contra Costa ( North / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency West Contra Costa Unified School District
The primary purpose and objective of the Project Site A and Project Site B portion of the proposed project is to provide students with modern school facilities that would adequately accommodate student and faculty needs. The proposed project would fulfill the District's obligations to provide equivalent facilities to the RCP and LPS charter schools. At project completion at Project Site A, the existing facilities would have been demolished and new facilities would have been constructed. At project completion at Project Site B, the existing 1-story facilities would have been demolished, modernization of both wings of the existing Nystrom Elementary School building would have been completed, and a new temporary modular unit campus, new multi-use facility, and new play areas would have been constructed. Additionally, South 11th Street would transition to a pedestrian area and a new driveway would have been constructed between South Harbour Way and South 12th Street. The primary purpose and objective for the Project Site C portion of the proposed project is to address the existing maintenance needs at the MLK Community Center and Park such that the area is more usable and accessible to the wider community and to renovate the site design for the entire MLK Community Center and park to integrate it with the improvements for Nystrom Elementary School campus (Project Site B). At project completion at Project Site C, some of the existing facilities and outdoor recreation space would have been renovated.

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