Document Title Draft E I R Wallis Annenberg Center
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2007011008
County Name Los Angeles ( South / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency Beverly Hills, City of
The project calls for the rehabilitation and reuse of the City's former main post office as the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. The Center would include the following components: a new 500-seat auditorium building (to be sited on the post office property south of the existing post office building); a new City subterranean parking structure at 455 North Crescent Drive that would be placed under Crescent Drive (between the post office building and city hall); and the rehabilitation of the post office in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards in order to accommodate a 150-seat multi-purpose performance/rehearsal/lecture space; three classrooms; basement-level dressing rooms and mechanical equipment rooms; donors lounge; restoration of the building's existing lobby area; educational and administrative offices; and an incidental food concession with outdoor seating. Ancillary features proposed on the property would include new landscaping, sculpture gardens, walkways, elevator/escalator and/or stair access to the parking garage, surface parking, garage access driveways, and loading zones for van and truck deliveries. The City parking facility is being proposed with options as either a two-level garage or three-level garage. The two-level garage is proposed to provide between 270 and 300 parking spaces with points of access at Santa Monica Boulevard South. The parking garage is addressed as the main impact discussion in the EIR. The three-level option would provide between 400 and 430 parking spaces. As it has much in common with the two-level option most of the environmental issues associated with this option are covered in the discussion of the two-level option in the Alternatives section of the EIR.

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