Document Title M N D - Colusa Subreach Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project Is
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2008052098
County Name Multiple Counties
Lead Agency Department of Fish and Game (OSPR)
TNC in association with the Sacramento River Conservation Area Forum (SRCAF) and other partners propose to restore approximately 251 acres of wildlife habitat on portions of seven tracts within the levees of the Sacramento River between Princeton and Colusa. The wildlife habitat restoration activities are proposed through a planning and stakeholder involvement program called Colusa Subreach Planning (CSP). The seven restoration tracts from north to south are identified as Womble, Jensen, Stegeman, 1000-Acre Ranch, Boeger, Colusa-North, and Cruise n' Tarry. Three of the restoration sites, which are currently owned by TNC (Jensen, 1000-Acre Ranch, and Boeger), are proposed to be acquired by the State of California. The total area of the seven tracts is approximately 825 acres. The purpose of the proposed project is to restore the ability of the Colusa Subreach to support native wildlife, including species listed under the state and federal endangered species acts and other special-status species. Restoration activities include removal of non-native vegetation; site preparation; installation of irrigation systems and use of surface water or groundwater supplies; planting of native trees, shrubs, and grasses; interim irrigation of plants as they become established; and construction of minor public access improvements. Restoration would occur over a four-year time period.

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