Document Title F E I R Shasta Ranch Mining And Reclamation Plan
Type Final EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2005102134
County Name Shasta ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Shasta County
The proposed project is a request for approval for a Use Permit (UP 05-010) and Reclamation Plan (RP 05-001) to mine alluvial sand and gravel near the Sacramento River. The project site encompasses approximately 947 acres, fo which 268 acres will be mined for aggregate material. The mined aggregate (gravel) would be crushed, screened, washed, stockpiled, and loaded for off-site transport. Approximately 3.43 million cubic yards of overburden and 6.06 million cubic yards of soil and gravel would be excavated. The project would generate an average of 60 truck round-trips per day, and a maximum of 120 truck round-trips per day. The project would operate for approximately 29 years, until the year 2035. There are three phases, and each phase would operate for 8 to 10 years. Upon completion of all mining activities, the areas of disturbance would be reclaimed to agricultural farmland, ponds, and open space.

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