Document Title F E I R Napa County General Plan Update Vol 1
Type Final EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2005102088
County Name Napa ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Napa County
The project is the adoption of 1) a resolution certifying the Final EIR; and 2) a resolution adoption findings, a statement of overriding considerations, a mitigation monitoring or reporting plan, pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act for the 2008 General Plan Update. The 2008 General Plan Update supersedes and replaces the existing Napa County General Plan, except the housing element, with the 2008 General Plan Update and carries forward the existing housing element. The 2008 General Plan updates is a comprehensive update to all of the following mandated elements: Land Use ("Agricultural Preservation and Land Use"), Circulation, Conservation, Open Space ("Recreation and Open Space"), Noise and Safety. The Housing Element will be separately updated in accordance with State timelines. In addition, the 2008 General Plan Update contains two options elements: Community Character and Economic Development. The 2008 General Plan Update provides a policy framework for sound decision making in unincorporated Napa County until the year 2030 and completely replaces the previous General Plan adopted in 1983, with the exception of the Housing Element which will be separately updated.

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