Document Title D E I R Calexico Mega Commercial- Retail Park - Target Store Anchor
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2007031043
County Name Imperial ( South CA Region )
Lead Agency Calexico, City of
The project applicant, Calexico Mega Park, LLC, is seeking entitlement to develop the 150-acre project site with commercial/retail uses, phased over 10 years of construction. To realize this, the project requires a general plan amendment, a zone change, a tentative tract map to create 82 parcels, and development of review approval subject to Section 17.01.710 of the Municipal Code. The 82 development parcels can be divided roughly into five segments. The first five years of development would include construction of Segment 1, Jasper Crossing - an ~404, 845 sf retail center on 50 acres in the northwest portion of the project site. Jasper Crossing consists of 18 buildings that would be developed and occupied by retail stores, shops, restaurants, a drug store, financial uses, and a 137,985 sf Target retail store that may be developed into a 175,730 sf Super Target in the future. Jasper Crossing would provide 2,176 parking spaces, a stormwater retention basin and a new street, Rockwood Ave. (which would replace the existing Yourman Road).

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