Document Title Ca Dept Of Corrections M N D
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2008022133
County Name San Joaquin ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Corrections, Department of
The project will convert the former NCWF (currently used as a correctional officer training academy) into an adult male re-entry facility, housing 500 inmates and employing 316 staff distributed over three shifts. The goal of the project is to house male inmates who are less than a year from their release date, parole violators, or parolees pending revocation of parole, who are paroling to or returning to prison from San Joaquin, Calaveras or Amador Counties. The facility will ease their transition out of the prison system by providing counseling, job training, and housing placement services and improve public safety by re-uniting families and providing job skills related to the local economy.

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