Document Title San Rafael Rock Quarry Amended Quarry Permit Draft E I R
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2007082097
County Name Marin ( North / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency San Rafael, City of
As a result of a court order in 2005, the San Rafael Rock Quarry submitted a project description that allows the Court to consider, and if deemed appropriate, amend Permit #Q72-03 wherein all operating issues associated with quarry's mining operations may be considered. The project sponsor proposes to continue quarrying within certain areas of site, including to blast, excavate and transport rock and earth from the Main Quarry Bowl to a depth of -400 feet MSL, consistent with the submitted 2004 ARP and from the South Hill. The Quarry will continue to: crush, sort, and stockpile earth and rock quarried from the site, dock and load barges with earth, sand, and rock quarried from the site, operate an asphalt batch plant, and load and weigh commercial trucks that export and transport material over Point San Pedro Road.

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