Document Title Strand Ranch Integrated Banking Project
Type Climate Change- Greenhouse Gas
SCH# 2007041080
County Name Kern ( South CA Region )
Lead Agency Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District
Rosedale and IRWD propose to develop groundwater banking facilities on the Strand Ranch for use by both districts. Strand Ranch is located in unincorporated Kern County approximately six miles west of the City of Bakersfield. Facilities would be constructed to recharge and recover up to 17,500 acre-feet per year (afy) for IRWD. When not in use by IRWD, the facilities could also be used by Rosedale to serve its existing commitments. IRWD would be provided a cumulative maximum banking allotment (maximum storage capacity) with Rosedale's existing Groundwater Storage, Banking, Exchange, Extraction & Conjunctive Use Program of 50,000 af. All groundwater banking facilities on the Strand Ranch would be owned by IRWD and operated and maintained by Rosedale for the duration of the proposed project.

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