Document Title Riverside General Map Amendment 00844 M N D
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2008011054
County Name Riverside ( South CA Region )
Lead Agency Riverside County Planning Department
General Plan Amendment No. 844 proposes to amend the existing general plan land use to the proposed Parcel 1 (PM34696) from Community Development: Commercial Retail (CD:CR) (0.20-0.35 Floor Area Ratio) and High Density Residential (CD: HDR) (8-14 Dwelling Units per Acre) to Community Development: Highest Density Residential (CD: HTDR) (20+ Dwelling Units per Acre) Change of Zone No. 7475 proposes a zone change request to the proposed Parcel 1 (PM34696) from General Commercial (C-1/C-P), Scenic Highway Commercial (C-P-S), Manufacturing-Service Commercial (M-SC), and General Residential-4,000 square feet minimum (R-3-4000) to General Residential (R-3). Tentative Parcel Map No. 34696 proposes a Schedule H subdivision of 9.98 gross acres from sixteen residential and commercial parcels into 2 residential parcels. Parcel 1 with 4.17 gross acres and Parcel 2 with 5.81 gross acres. Plot Plan No. 22456 proposes to develop three (3) story, 86,422 square feet, 102-unit senior apartment development "Mission Village Senior Apartments," on a 4.17 gross acre (3.95 net acre) site with 18% building lot coverage, 86,870 square feet (50%) of common area, 103 parking spaces, and 42,033 square feet (24%) of landscaping with the proposed Parcel 1 of PM34696. Variance No. 1823 is a proposal to allow 90 dwelling unit size reductions within the senior project from a minimum of 750 square feet to a minimum of 546 square feet identified in Ordinance 348, Section 18.11

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