Document Title Broadway Widening Project M N D
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2007122081
County Name Napa ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency American Canyon, City of
The proposed project involves the widening of Broadway to relieve existing roadway safety hazards and to facilitate the installation of a bike lane and on-street parking. The modified roadway would also provide wider vehicle lanes, a new sidewalk on the west side of the road, completion of the sidewalk on the east side of the road, drainage improvements and pedestrian amenities. The proposed project would also entail the widening of the existing road crossing over the Walsh Creek overflow channel. The widening of the road crsossing would include the following specific elements: 1) removal of the existing stone arch bridge; 2) installation of a new culvert; 3) installation of an approximately 180-foot long wingwall and associated rip-rap on the upstream side of the road crossing; and 4) installation of approximately 150-foot lond headwall and associated rip-rap on the downstream side of the road crossing.

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