Document Title Markham Ravine Nature Area Master Plan M N D
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2007122055
County Name Placer ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Lincoln, City of
The Markham Ravine Nature Area (MRNA) Master Plan is a policy document establishing the planning framework for the future design, implementation, and management of Markham Ravine. The purpose of the MRNA Master Plan is to establish an integrated approach to the development, management, and operation of the MRNA that recognizes the multiple values offered by the open space and habitat resources. The MRNA Master Plan provides guidance by establishing goals and policies, characterizing the resources within the MRNA to be protected, describing allowable uses and activities, recommending amenities, and identifying specific implementation strategies. As future phases of implementation for Markham Ravine move forward, they would be evaluated for compliance with the MRNA Master Plan to ensure that the vision of MRNA is maintained for future residents of, and visitors to the City.

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Source Document 130.73 MB
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