Document Title Wasco Rose City Industrial Park Draft E I R-final E I R Vol 1
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2006061124
County Name Kern ( South CA Region )
Lead Agency Wasco, City of
The City of Wasco is facilitating the master planning of a rail oriented industrial park east of the City's existing city limits and south of Highway 46. The industrial park area at build out will be 1,640 more or less acres. The industrial park has 1,640 acres more or less with approximately 1,108 acres within the City of Wasco's Sphere of Influence and approximately 530 acres outside of the City of Wasco's Sphere of Influence, proposed for annexation to the City. The previous Sphere of Influence Update in 2005 split APNs 072-120-03, 04, 06, and 17 with portions being in the SOI and portions outside of the City's SOI. Lands within Wasco City Limits (247 acres) are westerly of the proposed industrial park and currently designated as Heavy Industry in the General Plan and zoned HI, Heavy Industry. The lands currently within the city limits will be analyzed as needed to insure any new environmental impacts are identified not previously addressed in the LAFCo Municipal Services Plan dated 2005 and the Initial Study and Addendum dated September 2004 prepared by LSA consultants.

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