Document Title Rispin Mansion E A
Type Other Project Documents
SCH# 2007052075
County Name Santa Cruz ( North / / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency Capitola, City of
The Rispin Mansion project proposes to restore the historic Rispin Mansion and develop a bed and breakfast hotel, located on the northeast side of the intersection of Clares Street and Wharf Road in the City of Capitola. The project includes rehabilitating the Rispin Mansion and providing public access to open space, a historically accurate restored garden, visitor-serving hotel, meeting and wedding facilities in accordance with City of Capitola land use policies and regulations. This restoration will create educational opportunities and public access to a historical area and natural open space, preserve local history, and provide a mechanism for habitat protection and enhancement. The project will provide employment opportunities and additional tax revenue for the City of Capitola, and will eliminate the current revenue drain associated with maintenance, insurance, and public safety calls to the site, which exists as an "attractive nuisance" for trespassing, vandalism, and related activities.

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