Document Title Rich Haven Specific Plan Draft E I R
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2006051081
County Name San Bernardino ( South CA Region )
Lead Agency Ontario, City of
The Rich-Haven Specific Plan encompasses approximately 510 gross acres with a maximum development capacity of 4,259 dwelling units and 889,200 square feet of regional commercial/office. The Land Use Plan for the Specific Plan includes a Residential District and Commercial District comprised of twenty-one Planning Areas (PAs). The Residential District includes nineteen PAs providing a mixture of low-, medium-, and high-density residential uses with a maximum of 4,259 dwelling units and a Regional Commercial District that includes three PAs. The Regional Commercial District includes three PAs (20, 21A, and 21B) planned for a mixture of a variety of uses including commercial, office, vertical residential, medical office, and research, as well as a "Stand Alone Residential Only Overlay" allowing for stand alone residential neighborhoods. The Regional Commercial District includes PA 20 incorporating 725 residential units and 440,800 square feet of commercial/office uses, while PA 21 (21A and 21B) will include a total of 448,400 square feet of commercial uses and 1,052 residential units. The public facilities within the Specific Plan include 20.1-acre Southern California Edison easements, and a 24.8-acre Middle School. Final plans for the project would include an allowance for a transfer of residential density from the Regional Commercial District within Planning Areas 20 and/or 21 to Residential PAs within the Residential District (PAs 8 to 19).

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