Document Title Pacificorp Weed Transmission Line Draft E I R Vol 1
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2007042080
County Name Siskiyou ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Public Utilities Commission
PacifiCorp, which currently owns a single-circuit 69 kV electric transmission system in the Yreka-Weed area of Siskiyou County, requests authorization to upgrade the existing 69 kV transmission line (Line 1) with a new 115 kV transmission line within existing right-of-way from Pole 15/44 to Pole 8/45 and to install and additional 1.6 miles of 115 kV transmission line within new right-of-way from Pole 8/45 east to the Weed Junction Substation. The objective of the Proposed Project is to improve reliability by increasing transmission capacity in the Yreka-Weed area in order to continue safe and reliable electric service to customers in the area, and to meet contractual obligations. The Weed Segment would include a rebuild of the Weed Substation from 69 kV to 115 kV and upgrade of approximately 1.5 miles of single circuit 69 kV transmission line due to a double-circuit 115 kV transmission line from the Weed Substation north to Pole 8/45. The objective of the Weed Segment is to handle increased load provide transmission capacity, and improve service reliability.

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