Document Title Jacobs Slough Mitigation Project - Wiley Preserve Is-mnd
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2007082004
County Name Sutter ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Sutter County Community Services District
As mitigation resulting from settlement of alleged filling of Jacobs Slough at Sacramento International Airport, the Sacramento County Airport System proposes to create 217 acres of giant garter snake habitat. This includes approximately 86.5 acres of aquatic habitat, 99.0 acres of upland habitat, and 30.0 acres of upland buffer between the restoration site and Sankey Road, and 1.5-acre staging area. These acreages may be revised during the final design period. Construction of the proposed project would include site grading, construction of access roads, extensions of the on-site well pad, installation of seven 18-24-inch pipes, and improvement of existing and construction of new water control facilities, in addition to installation and construction of habitat features for the giant garter snake, a state and federally-listed species.

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