Document Title Wildhurst Winery N D
Type Other Project Documents
SCH# 2007032103
County Name Lake ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Lake County
The applicant is requesting a major use permit to increase annual production at an existing winery from 10,000 cases to 60,000 cases. The winery proposes to use constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment. This is a change from the previous proposal, circulated in January 2006, which called for aeration ponds for wastewater treatment. The treated watewater will be recycled and stored in a 1.5 acre foot irrigation pond to be used to irrigate a 4.5-acre vineyard. The winery does not intend to have tasting or special events onsite. There is anticipated to be a decrease in traffic associated with the project site as the property owners are transitioning from pear to vineyard crops which require fewer employees.

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