Document Title Conocophillips Line 200 Relocation M N D
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2007081033
County Name Merced ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Water Resources, Department of
To protect public health and to safeguard California Aqueduct (Aqueduct) operations, Department of Water resources (DWR) has requested that the ConocoPhillips Company (ConocoPhillips) relocate a portion of its 16-inch diameter pipeline, Line 200, to the east side of the Aqueduct. Line 200 transports crude oil and semi-refined petroleum products from the San Joaquin Valley to refineries near San Francisco. In 1997 the western edge of the Aqueduct at the milepost 62.26, where Line 200 crosses, failed. The failed slope caused a 120-foot section of the Aqueduct's concrete liner to slide into the Aqueduct. DWR concluded that a future slope failure could cause Line 200 to rupture into the Aqueduct at milepost 62.26, which is an unacceptable risk. In cooperation with ConocoPhillips, DWR determined that relocating Line 200 to the east of the Aqueduct would provide protection from potential Line 200 ruptures in the future.

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