Document Title Yolo Wildlifes Area Lmp
Type Other Project Documents
SCH# 2007072099
County Name Yolo ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Fish & Game #2
The project is the Land Management Plan (LMP) for the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area (Wildlife Area). The purpose of the Wildlife Area is to protect and enhance habitat for wildlife species and to provide the public with compatible, wildlife-related recreational uses. This LMP provides a description of the Wildlife Area and its environment which provides habitat for special-status species, game species and other native nonnative species. It also includes an evaluation of public uses that are compatible with the purpose of the Wildlife Area. The LMP is a general policy guide to the management of the Wildlife Area. It does not specifically authorize or make a precommitment to any substantive physical changes to the Wildlife Area.

File Type Size Options
Source Document 27.58 MB
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