Document Title Fairway Business Park Vol-2 Is-mnd
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2007071157
County Name Riverside ( South CA Region )
Lead Agency Lake Elsinore, City of
The project proposes a Tentative Tract Map and General Plan Amendment for an 18-acre business park development. The proposed project site would consist of 279,445 square feet of light industrial uses. Building heights will vary in height from 24 feet to 32 feet. The project would be built in three phases, with buildings M-V in the first phase, buildings E-L in the second phase and buildings A-D in the third phase. Currently, the City of Lake Elsinore General Plan designates the project site as Business Park and the entire site is zoned M-1 Limited Manufacturing. The project includes an amendment to the City's Circulation Element of the General Plan for the purposes of realigning Pasadena Street around the project site. The project would realign Pasadena Street from between 3rd Street and Chaney Street to east on 3rd Street between Pasadena Street and West Minthorn Street and south on West Minthorn Street between 3rd Street and Chaney Street. Site development will include rough grading, underground utility installation, street construction, and concrete drive/sidewalk placement. Proposed improvements include the widening of Chaney Street along the project frontage and construction of a storm drain system to convey the stormwater generated by the project through the site to one of three storm drain outlets to the Lake Elsinore Channel. Prior to discharge into the Lake Elsinore Outlet Channel, water would be retained in a bio-swale located along the southwestern edge of the project site parallel to the channel. As a condition of approval, the City may require construction of a fourth storm drain outlet structure within the tributary to the Lake Elsinore Outlet Channel. This feature would correct existing drainage problems located offsite near 3rd Street.

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