Document Title Sigma Six Winery Nd
Type Other Project Documents
SCH# 2007022068
County Name Lake ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Lake County Community Development Department
Construction of a winery producing up to 25,000 cases of wine annually. The winery is not proposed to be open to the general public but will have a tasting room, dining room, and guest facilities on an invitation-only basis. The winery anticipates up to two special events per year that may draw up to 200 visitors each. A small winery and cave does currently exist onsite that was permitted with an early activation permit in 2005. In summary, the proposed improvements include: constructing an additional storage cave for 600 barrels; constructing two 6,000 sq. ft. winery warehouse and operations buildings; constructing a 15,000 sq. ft. multipurpose building for barrel and case storage, tasting room, 6 guest suites, kitchen, dining room and offices; construct parking; constructing a 60,000 gal water storage tank; constructing wastewater tanks and aeration ponds and an effluent disposal system. Forty parking spaces are proposed onsite with additional area reserved for special events overflow parking.

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