Document Title E B M U D Water Treatment And Transmission Supplemental Draft E I R
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2005092019
County Name Contra Costa ( North / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency East Bay Municipal Utility District
The Water Treatment and Transmission Improvements Program (WTTIP) includes new facilities and upgrades to existing facilities in Lafayette, Moraga, Oakland, Walnut Creek, and unincorporated Contra Costa County. The facilities include upgrades at five existing water treatment plants, 17 distribution system projects, and a reclaimed water pipeline. The projects are driven by a variety of overlapping needs including: meeting regulatory standards related to water quality, complying with permit conditions, addressing treated water stability issues, meeting existing and future water demands, improving aging communities that would benefit from the program differ depending on the need being addressed and the facility being improved. The five water treatment plants are Lafayette Water Treatment Plan (WTP), Orinda WTP, Walnut Creek WTP, Sobrante WTP, and Upper San Leandro WTP. The 17 distribution system projects are: (1) Happy Valley Pumping Plant at the Alternative Site; (2) Happy Valley Inlet/Outlet Pipeline; (3) Ardith Reservoir; (4) Donald Pumping Plant; (5) Sunnyside Pumping Plant; (6) Glen Pipeline and Glen Reservoir Decommissioning; (7) Highland Reservoir Site as revised; (8) Highland Inlet/Outlet Pipeline; (9) Moraga Road Pipeline; (10) Moraga Reservoir; (11) Fay Hill Reservoir; (12) Fay Hill Pumping Plant; (13) Fay Hill Pipeline; (14) Tice Pumping Plant; (15) Tice Inlet/Outlet Pipeline; (16) Withers Pumping Plant; and (17) Leland Isolation Pipeline and Bypass Values.

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