Document Title Toscana Subdivision Deir
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2006082042
County Name Sonoma ( North / / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency
The proposed project would develop at least seven parcels for a total of 243 single-family detached homes, in three phases, with a 29.1-acre conservation area. The project calls for two home types to be constructed on the site. Of the proposed homes, 169 would be accessed primarily from rear alleys, while the remaining 74 would be conventional homes with garage access facing the street. The proposed alley entry homes would be three to four bedrooms and range in size from 1,985 square feet (sq. ft.) to 2,115 sq. ft., exclusive of porches and garages. The proposal would also include 36 alley entry Below Market Rate three bedroom units of 1,345 sq. ft. to satisfy the City Housing Allocation Plan requirements for providing affordable housing, with 15% of units offered. The conventional, front entry homes would be four to five bedrooms and range in size from 2,715 sq. ft. to 3,072 sq. ft., exclusive of porches and garages. Lot sizes range from 2,823 sq. ft. to 10,191 sq. ft. The average lot size is 3,936 sq. ft.

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