Document Title Gold Village Is-nop
Type Other Project Documents
SCH# 2006112101
County Name Amador ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Ione, City of
The project applicant is requesting a Tentative Subdivision Map to be developed in two phases. Phase 1 is comprised of approximately 20.60 acres that will create 49 detached single-family residential lots. The lots are proposed to be a maximum of 22,160 square feet and a minimum of 5,750 square feet. Approximately 0.88 acre is designated for open space. Access to the site is provided from Foothill Boulevard, a 60-foot wide non-exclusive access and Public Utility Easement extending south into the site from SR-104. Phase 2 proposes to develop three parcels located directly west of Phase 1. Parcel A (1.69 acres) and Parcel B (1.63 acres) are proposed to contain approximately 31,500 square feet of commercial retail and office buildings. The applicant is also including 78 parking stalls for the commercial/office development. A road will bisect Parcel A and B along an east-west lateral. The eastern side of the road will terminate at the Ione Elementary School. The applicant proposes to designate parcel C of Phase 2 for 101 multi-family units that will be developed at a later date. The site is approximately 6.78 acres, which will result in a density of approximately 15 units per acre.

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