Document Title Eucalyptus Hill Road Is Nd
Type Other Project Documents
SCH# 2006111030
County Name Santa Barbara ( South / / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency Santa Barbara, City of
The applicant proposes to subdivide a 172,137 net square foot lot into two parcels. The parcel is a steep east-facing slope of 35%. Parcel A would be 75,301 net square feet with an average slope of 36%. Parcel B would be 96,836 net square feet with an average slope of 35% and would contain the existing approximately 9,000 square foot single-family residence. Ingress to both lots would be provided via the existing driveway apron located primarily on Parcel B. No residential development is currently proposed for Parcel A, although a conceptual study has been prepared to illustrate development potential. The building envelope for Parcel A is 5,200 square feet, with a 28% slope. The applicant also proposes to remove a paved driveway that leads to the bottom of the hill, restore the hillside to its natural topography, and install a new storm drain (160 linear feet underground, 260 linear feet aboveground) that outlets at the edge of the creek, thus correcting an existing erosion problem.

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