Document Title Turlock Irrigation District Substation Is
Type Other Project Documents
SCH# 2006032075
County Name Stanislaus ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Turlock Irrigation District
TID proposes to construct and operate the following facilities: - The proposed 3.3-acre Westley Substation to be located adjacent to and on the south side of the existing MID/TID 230 kV Westley Switching Station located near I-5 and Minnear Road. - The proposed 3.0-acre Substation 2 to be located between Zacharias Road and Sperry Avenue near Rogers Road. Nine alternative sites are being considered. - A double-circuit 115-kV transmission line between the existing Marshall Substation located on Marshall Road east of Ward Avenue and the proposed Westley Substation. Two alignments (consisting of Segments 1 plus 3 or 2 plus 3) are being considered. - A double-circuit 115 kV transmission line connecting either transmission line Segments 1 plus 3 or 2 plus 3 with Substation 2 (13 transmission line segments being considered consisting of Segments A to M).

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