Document Title Slo County Affordable Housing Ordinance Eir
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2006021100
County Name
Lead Agency San Luis Obispo County
The proposed project consists of three sets of Affordable Housing Ordinances that implement three respective programs from the San Luis Obispo County General Plan Housing Element (amended July 20, 2004). The housing programs encourage affordable housing production and retention of the County's affordable housing stock to address an identified area-wide shortage of affordable housing. These Housing Element programs include: - Program HE 1.4: Revised Residential Development Standards - Program HE 1.9: Require Development of Affordable Housing - Program HE 1.10: Establish Minimum Residential Multi-Family Densities. The proposed ordinances would address residential development standards, inclusionary housing, and minimum density requirements for selected residential multi-family zoned parcels.

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